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ELTEK goes beyond the role of an audio solution provider; it is a multidimensional powerhouse committed to delivering a seamless auditory experience characterized by effortless precision and unparalleled clarity.

At ELTEK, our clientele comprises a wide spectrum of profiles, including restaurant owners, places of worship, studios, schools, auditoriums, TV stations, nightclubs, and system integrators. For over six decades, we have excelled in pro audio distribution, exclusively representing top-tier brands like Sennheiser, Neumann, Genelec, K&M, Neutrik, Alcons, Rycote, NTI, Sound Devices, and Peavey.

With ELTEK, you gain access to a meticulously curated range of high-profile audio brands. Our unwavering commitment to delivering the essence of "Sound That Resonates" ensures a lasting and profound impact in your business, captivating your audience and solidifying ELTEK as your trusted companion in exceptional auditory experiences.

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Our team is driven by a shared love for music, sound quality, and the transformative power of audio technology. As experts in the field, we carefully curate a selection of top-notch products that cater to every audio enthusiast's needs. Whether you're a professional musician, an avid audiophile, or simply someone who appreciates exceptional sound, we have something special for you.

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How it all started
How it all started
George Bechwati has been working for Projects for 6 years when he gets put in charge for the sound and light installation at the first ever Baalbek International Festival. At Projects, he had started as an office boy at the age of 14, working his way up through hard work, determination and ambition. He was given the opportunity by the CEO of Projects (George Haddad) to learn English and take a course in electronics by correspondence from the National Technical School of Los Angeles.
How it all started
After 12 years at Projects, George decides to branch out to set up shop on his own. He rents a small retail space in the busy neighborhood of Daoura and founds ELTEK. His main focus at the time was repairs of broken radios and television sets.​ The mere definition of starting from scratch.
How it all started
1970 - 1975
He makes his first contact with Sennheiser and becomes their exclusive distributor for Lebanon. Today, 52 years later, Sennheiser products still make one of the largest sales segments at ELTEK.​ After Sennheiser, George gets in touch with Peavey and he secures an exclusive distribution for ELTEK, a relationship that still persists till this day. It is in this year as well that ELTEK gets appointed as the exclusive sound and light supplier and operator for both Baalbek and Beiteddine International Festivals from 1970 until they were halted in 1975.
How it all started
1975 - 1990
During these difficult and long civil war years, and when most people working in the field of sound simply closed shop or left the country, ELTEK remained strong and built a very large portfolio of the highest quality brands supplying the audio, lighting and broadcast industry relentlessly, even under the harshest and most testing conditions.
How it all started
1996 - 2001
ELTEK is commissioned to provide and install the entire sound system for the Baalbek and Beiteddine International festivals for five consecutive years. ELTEK is now omnipresent in the Lebanese market, with references spread across almost all Lebanese territories.
How it all started
True Story
When Baalbek International Festival was asking for bids, Eltek's proposal was the most expensive, prompting questions. Bechwati's retort was a masterclass in strategic thinking. "No, we will not shower you with excess mixers, or microphones. We will provide only one of each." A bold move indeed, but then he directed their attention to a crucial clause: a commitment to compensate for unforeseen issues by paying half the quoted price. The result? A resounding triumph that echoed far beyond the festival grounds. The event proved to be a monumental success, cementing Eltek's reputation as the go-to provider for all Baalbek and Beiteddine festivals.
How it all started
ELTEK was the exclusive supplier of all sound equipment and the sole provider of acoustic operation and management of the visit of Pope John Paul II, ensuring more than 300,000 people heard every single word being spoken.
How it all started
ELTEK provided exclusively the sound system for the Pavarotti Charity Concert at the Beirut city stadium. We installed all sound and lighting equipments, where Luciano Pavarotti and ELTEK amazed 20,000 attendees.
How it all started
ELTEK again is called upon for the second largest live event in Lebanon after the Pope's visit, Julia's concert in Arnoun to mark the liberation of the South. Sennheiser, Meyer, Midas, Neumann were only few of the major brands used in most of the concerts covered by ELTEK. Today, Eltek proudly holds the top spot as the premier audio solution provider, showcasing an extensive portfolio of industry-leading brands and a rich array of audio profiles. Over the course of six decades, their unwavering dedication has solidified their status as genuine pioneers in the field.

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